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Signs of an Aging Roof

There are several compelling reasons to replace an outdated roof. Your home's roof serves as a weather barrier, and if it isn't repaired, it might be seriously damaged. Leaks and even complete collapse are possible as soon as the top hits its breaking point.

To help you prevent a much worse scenario, here are signs that your roof is aging and needs to be fixed or renewed.

Unusual hike on electrical bills

Check the windows, doors, and roof if you notice an increase in heating or cooling bills even though your HVAC system is OK. Your roof should be the first part of your home to be insulated if the cost increases.

Your ceiling is drooping.

It is possible that the drooping ceiling is due to an undiscovered leak in the roof, which would allow moisture to gather on the top of the ceiling, no matter how little it seems. It's most likely due to a leak when you see spongy or moist cardboard-like material. If you don't want to put it off any longer, have it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

Spots from missing shingles

Wind damage, as well as wear and strain on the fasteners, may lead to asphalt shingles falling off. You can also look for wrinkles that emerge approximately an inch below shingle edges to indicate wind damage. If the granules are totally gone or have important bald areas, it's time to replace your roof.

Your neighbors are getting their roof replaced

Most housing developments occur in tandem with neighborhood construction, which might mean it's time to retire your roof. Your neighbors' roofs needing replacement is a good hint that you should as well.