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September Magazine is Live Now!

It's the back-to-school season! To give you fresh and great ideas on how to prepare for this back-to-school season, we have prepared this month's magazine just in time for you and your kids!

Here comes the start of another school year! As a result, you need to get your car ready. Start with our Back-to-School car maintenance checklist that you need to check now and see if your car needs to be maintained now. College students need to have their vehicles serviced before heading back to school. Now is the time to have your car checked out and fixed up before starting the new school year in a few weeks. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the daily grind of work, school, and after-hours activities!

After-school snacks are an essential part of our children's daily calorie intake. Parents should pay special attention to choosing healthy snack alternatives for after-school treats. Snacks account for a significant portion of a child's daily calorie intake. Check out our selection of nutritious options recommended by dietitians.

Your youngster will need time to adjust to this new, sometimes unsettling circumstance. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, think about how much fun you may have catching up with old friends and making new ones at school. To help your kids release their nervousness before returning to school, check out our Back-to-School plans that are perfect for your kids!

And of course, we can't forget the aspects of your humble home. If you're planning to renew or give your home a new and fresh look, check out our magazine, where you can find our tips about How to be Smart with Home Improvements to help you sort out everything you need and be ready once you start your project!

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Read the magazine here!



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