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Safe and Effective Ways to Prevent Slipping on Wooden Ramps

The danger of sliding and falling is magnified on an elevation, such as a wooden ramp. Ramps create a severe trip and fall risk when wet, icy, or covered with leaves and other debris from the weather. Don't wait for someone to be hurt on your wooden wheelchair ramp before you think about safety.

Concrete ramps are more costly and permanent, while wooden ramps are an excellent temporary solution. Even more impressively, they may be made to seem like an extension of a home's preexisting wooden deck or porch. When damp, wood surfaces may become dangerously slippery and pose a risk to anybody walking on them. To fix a slippery wooden ramp, you may choose from a few alternatives that range in price, upkeep, and visual appeal.

Paint Additives to Prevent Slipping

Additives for paint and stains may make floors less slippery. These additives may be used on many substrates, from concrete and asphalt to wood and metal. Small pieces of aggregate contribute to the non-slip characteristics of these goods. Some additives are not designed to be used with clear coatings, so it's vital to read the label to determine whether you'll be applying it on top of paint or stain or if you'll be mixing it into the paint before making a purchase.

Sticky non-slip tape that adheres by itself

Slip-resistant areas may be created with the help of anti-slip tape, which is a self-adhesive product covered with a grainy surface. Tapes may be used inside or outdoors and on a wide range of surfaces since they are individually made to be versatile. It is possible to increase the nighttime visibility of surfaces by using colored or glow-in-the-dark tape. The tapes may be used day or night, inside or outdoors, and come in various textures and colors to suit multiple purposes.

Rolls of Roof Covering with a Mineral Surface

Using a ramp requires a certain kind of rolled roofing, so be careful to choose the right kind. Mineral-coated roofing rolls are affordable and straightforward to install, plus they provide a grippy, non-slip surface. This material's roofing qualities shield occupants from precipitation like snow and ice.

Heavy Rubber Matting

Rubber matting is often sold as either a self-adhesive roll or interlocking tiles. Wheelchairs need specially made rubber matting, so their tires don't sink into them. Make sure it can withstand the elements before you buy it. When exposed to summer heat or rain, certain rubber goods quickly degrade. The material may be swept or hosed off for rapid drying and easy maintenance. To utilize rubber matting outside, you need not first buy it.

Wooden ramps for buildings and aluminum threshold ramps for factories are only two examples of the various kinds of ramps available. Having ramps on your property increases the risk of someone slipping and falling. The safety of your employees, customers, and other stakeholders may be ensured by installing non-slip solutions on any sloping walking surfaces.

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