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Rooms In Your Home That Need To Repainted

As the adage goes, the paint on your walls will eventually fade. You may not consider hiring Wellington interior painters to repaint your house this autumn, but you should. The outside of a home has to be repainted more often than the inside, but even the best interior paint can eventually look dull, faded, or worn.

Several things may affect how long the paint on your interior walls lasts. Certain rooms will need repainting more regularly than others due to the amount of daily foot traffic, while others will survive much longer. Professional painters suggest repainting each room in your house every three to seven years.

Dining Room

Do you yearn for a formal dining experience? Despite this, paint is still capable of producing striking results. To create a cohesive look, paint the base of the chair rail a dark gray and the upper portion a softer neutral hue. Then, try painting the ceiling a pale green, light aqua, or cheerful yellow for a modern style that won't conflict with your grandmother's vintage table and chairs.


The foyer has teal walls, a black and white staircase, and a console table with a mirror. One can't believe the difference that some colors can make. Applying Valspar's® Shaded Lake painted peacock blue to a formerly white foyer made a dramatic difference. We upped the ante by giving the stair treads the same glossy black paint as the posts. We installed a console table to provide a convenient spot to set down keys, purses, and sunglasses when entering the home. The details, a mirror, and sconces made of brass complete the look. To get a professional-looking paint job, you'll need high-quality equipment.

Living Room

It's natural to want to refresh the look of the area you spend the most time in, and painting your living room's walls a neutral hue will let you play around with the rest of the decor. Walls in a light color like cream, gray, or tan look great when paired with furniture in a bold color like red, yellow, emerald green, or lake blue.


Bedrooms that still show the bright hues of a paint job from a decade ago may be revitalized by adding tranquil tones such as blues, greens, and grays. Your bedroom will be calming and rejuvenating with beachy, washed-out tints and wood furniture in richer colors.

Home Office

A physical workplace is more essential than ever in this age of telecommuting and freelance employment. Color is only one of many aspects that may be adjusted to make your workspace more inviting and conducive to work. A workstation and chair made of light wood provide a relaxing environment for working, while task and overhead lighting protect against eyestrain. The blanket basket will be handy on those chilly evenings or early mornings.

Whether your taste in decor has evolved or you just want to give your house a more contemporary look, a new coat of paint may do wonders. A place painted in deep, dramatic tones may not be your tea, especially if you're more of a fan of bright, neutral tones. You may have opted to put in an accent wall to give the room a splash of color. Regardless, painting allows you to alter or refresh the appearance of any space in your home.

According to studies, painting your property is one of the best ways to boost its market value. Maintaining and improving your house can provide substantial returns even if you have yet to make plans to sell shortly.

Interior paint is just as helpful in safeguarding your home's walls, doors, and trim from the elements as exterior paint. Paint protects surfaces from moisture and makes them more resistant to wear and strain.