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Reasons Why Your Furnace is Not Making Your House Warm Enough

Updated: May 10, 2023

As the winter weather persists, we rely heavily on our furnace to warm our houses. But have you been having issues with your furnace, such as not keeping your home warm enough?

Maybe your furnace is running into some problems. That is why we are here to help you determine why your furnace is not making your home warm enough.

1. Lack of Maintenance

Having your furnace serviced on an annual basis will help you avoid sudden malfunctions, as well as help it work properly and dependably during the cold season.

2. Thermostat Setting

If your furnace isn't working, double-check your thermostat settings. If it does not turn on after turning it on, check your system as it might need to be configured again. Some thermostats may reset their settings if your heater or residence loses power. Dust and grime are another reason, as they can occasionally cause problems with the electrical system.

3. Dirty Filters

A blocked filter is a filthy old filter that might hinder your HVAC system's air movement. In some cases, furnaces even include a built-in shutdown that activates when the filter becomes blocked, preventing an overheated burner.

4. Check the Pilot Light

Most modern furnaces still feature a pilot light that shows that gas and propane are delivered to your furnace system. If the flow of gas or propane is disrupted for any reason, your furnace will shut down to prevent leaks into your house. The pilot light is more prone to go out in older furnaces. To assist you with the furnace repair stage, you should speak with a skilled Billings furnace business.

5. Condensate Line

HVAC companies have specialized instruments for cleaning up sticky condensate pipes. When your HVAC system is turned on in hot weather, the condensing unit drips water into a drip pan. Those lines are prone to be clogged with dirt and filth, especially if you don't regularly maintain them. If it is blocked, your float switch trips, forcing your system to shut down.

6. Gas Valve

If your gas furnace hasn't been cleaned in a long time, a faulty valve might be the reason for frigid air pouring out of it. Dirt and debris can accumulate on the valve and cause it to shut down. Alternatively, the valve might just be worn out. This is just another incentive to get your system reviewed regularly.

7. Furnace Ignition Switch

For this problem, you must locate your furnace flame sensor inside the operating manual. If the ignitor sensor becomes filthy, it will no longer operate correctly, and you will need to clean it. Suppose you haven't found anything in the preceding troubleshooting stages. In that case, you should arrange a service call with a dependable Billings HVAC professional.


If you think one of these is the reason for your furnace's problem, visit iTaskApp for our furnace repair and maintenance service. Our iTaskers will use suitable equipment and procedures to troubleshoot and repair flaws. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your equipment in excellent working order and avoid costly repairs. We provide quality services for our customers.