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Property Of The Month: January 2023

There is a wide variety of ways to take a vacation. Vacation plans are typically hotly contested, so we'd explain why renting a cottage is a suitable option for you this year.

Nothing beats a day at the lake on a warm summer day or a night spent around the campfire cooking marshmallows. Ontario has so many options for cottages and vacation spots that you'll never have to repeat a trip. Owners love it when regulars keep coming back to their establishment.

In this month's property of the month, we will feature The Rock House - The Hidden Gem of Bancroft.

The Rock House is a comfortable family cottage on a prism-clear lake! Ontario's "Hidden Gem," picturesque Bancroft.

Located on a quiet, peaceful, sandy-bottomed, non-motorized lake (as smooth as glass) and just minutes from the town of Bancroft. This area is a nature lover's dream, with giant trees providing shade and a sense of isolation. Vacation spot year-round due to the abundance of things to do both within and outside the resort. The dock, the vast covered sundeck, and the sunroom all face west, so you can take in the breathtaking sunsets. You may also unwind in the outdoor sauna barrel. We've got you covered through all four seasons!

It can accommodate 8 adults maximum.


  • 3 bedrooms (5 single beds, 1 double bed, 1 Queen bed, 1 Sofa bed)

  • Kitchen

  • Internet access

  • General equipment

  • Entertainment

  • Outdoor features

  • Summer and Winter Activities nearby


  • Province: Ontario

  • Region: Algonquin / Haliburton Highlands

  • City: Bancroft

Why should you go to a cabin this winter?

1. Get away from the busy city life.

Traffic jams, rude people, and information overload from billboards and the like are all things that are often associated with city life, yet the urban jungle has its own unique appeal. Instead of burning your energy with the activities above, you may relax and rejuvenate at a cabin. As an alternative, you'll be immersed in tranquility and nature.

2 Take in the night sky and stars.

If you go outside at night and look up, you might see a few stars shining brightly. The city's light pollution obscures the night sky, making it difficult to appreciate the cosmos in all its glory. The sky should be visible from a cabin far away from a shining city or a mountain.

3. Take in the beauty of nature up close and personal.

Seeing a photograph of a deep valley, an extensive mountain range, or a lake surrounded by snow-covered trees is one thing, but seeing them with your own eyes is something else entirely. It's hard to argue with the beauty of nature, whether you're seeing it from the windows of a cozy cottage or exploring it on foot.

4. Spend some time relaxing in the quiet.

The minutes after the first snowfall are often characterized by a certain peace and quiet. Staying in at this time and taking in the natural scenery would be a pleasant, quiet experience. Even in places where snow is uncommon, the outdoors may be so peaceful and silent that it's best experienced from the confines of a cozy lodge.

5. Venture into something new.

Winter weather might make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, but the opposite is true of spring and summer. Return to your cabin at the end of the day and relax in front of the fire. There is no shortage of fun things to do in the snow when you're at a cabin. Ice fishing, ice skating, snowman and angel construction, sledding, and snowball battles are perfect for cold climates.

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