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Police lay 12 new charges against Mississauga, Ont., man accused of selling deadly substance

In a significant development, law enforcement authorities have leveled 12 new charges against Kenneth Law, a resident of Mississauga, Ontario, who stands accused of distributing a lethal substance through a network of websites. The charges come on the heels of a comprehensive investigation conducted by British police into the deaths of 88 individuals who had purchased products from Canadian websites associated with the Law.

Kenneth Law, who had previously faced accusations of counseling and aiding suicide, now faces 14 counts related to his alleged involvement in the distribution of a deadly compound. The victims, ranging in age from 16 to 36, are spread across various regions in Ontario, including Toronto, York, Durham, London, Thunder Bay, and Waterloo. The substance in question, sodium nitrite, is commonly used for meat preservation but can be fatal when ingested in substantial amounts.

The investigation, led by Peel police, uncovered startling evidence of Law's activities. Law allegedly operated multiple websites to promote and distribute the lethal substance, with over 1,200 packages linked to him being shipped to more than 40 countries. This revelation has triggered international concerns, prompting reviews of sudden deaths by authorities in several countries, including the United States, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand2. The UK's National Crime Agency is actively investigating the 88 deaths linked to purchasing harmful products from Law's Canadian websites.

Law's alleged activities have highlighted the challenges the digital landscape poses in cases involving the distribution of harmful substances. The global reach of online platforms has enabled individuals like Law to operate across borders, necessitating increased collaboration among law enforcement agencies worldwide to tackle such issues effectively.

For those seeking help and support, suicide prevention helplines remain available to offer assistance in times of crisis. As the investigation continues, authorities are working diligently to ensure that justice is served and that similar incidents are prevented in the future.

This case underscores the critical importance of international cooperation in addressing emerging challenges posed by online activities that endanger lives and public safety.