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Ottawa Homeowner's Basement Flooded After Water Meter Replacement By City Contractor

Every homeowner's worst nightmare is unexpected home maintenance. This was the same for Ottawa homeowner Michael Wood, who discovered a major leak in his basement.

Neptune Technology Group has been granted a contract by the City of Ottawa to update and improve the accuracy of about 85,000 water meters. 24 hrs later, Woods discovered his basement flooded unexpectedly because the water had been spraying from the pipe for hours in his basement without him knowing.

"I come down 24 hours later to put something in my freezer to find that there is a high-pressure leak coming from one of the pipes," Wood said (CTV News).

Because of the damage caused by the leak, many of Michael Wood's possessions have been damaged. Additionally, he voiced his concerns about mold and other difficulties. Wood phoned his own personal home insurance company to find out the next step, and the representative advised him that Neptune was responsible for paying for the damages.

"I was told it was a negligent install," Wood said (CTV News).

"The problem right now is that the water has all come through the walls and flooded underneath. So my concern now, for mould and so on, they're going to have to tear down the walls," said Wood (CTV News).

The City of Ottawa and Neptune Technology Group are working with the resident to fix the problem. "Any issues or damages associated with a meter replacement would be appropriately covered through" Neptune, says Deputy City Treasurer Joseph Muhuni (CTV News).

The Neptune Technology Group offers a warranty on any work they do. Any problems or damages that could occur due to replacing a meter would be suitably covered by the Neptune Technology Group.

Neptune says the matter is under investigation and cannot comment on it.

Wood is still determining the full scope of the damage, and he expresses his frustration at the disruption it has caused. The City claims Wood's water bill will stay the same due to the leak since the catastrophe occurred before the water reached the meter.

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