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Ongoing Testing Ensures Water Quality in Wheatley and Tilbury

In a recent article by Matt Weverink in London News Today, the Wheatley and Tilbury water distribution system is currently undergoing another round of comprehensive water testing to maintain water quality standards.

Due to the continued shutdown of the Wheatley Water Treatment plant, the Chatham-Kent's Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has been actively importing water from nearby systems and transporting bulk water supplies.

According to an official statement from the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, a total of seven semi-trailer loads of water, equivalent to approximately 170,000 liters of potable water, have been distributed to Wheatley and Tilbury residents since September 28.

Before the boil water advisory can be lifted, several critical factors must be met, including the restoration of adequate water pressure, maintenance of proper chlorine levels, and the elimination of any bacteriological contamination.

In the interim, residents can continue to collect bottled water daily from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at designated locations in Tilbury and Wheatley.

Municipal authorities continue to advise households to take one or two cases of bottled water per family, while also encouraging community members to assist those in need of water.

Empty water bottles can be disposed of through regular recycling collection, with dedicated bins provided at both arena locations for convenience.



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