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Oakville Family's Renovation Nightmare: Forced to Sleep in Car After Contractor Fails to Deliver

In a tale of homeownership gone awry, Ajay Sood and his family's dream of settling into their Oakville home took a harrowing turn. Their unsettling saga revolves around a home renovation project that spiraled into chaos, eventually leaving them with no choice but to sleep in their car, all while having paid for the work upfront.

When they initially purchased their house in July, the Sood family decided to embark on a kitchen and bathroom upgrade, securing the services of a contractor for a fee of $27,000. Little did they know that this seemingly straightforward endeavor would evolve into a homeowner's worst nightmare.

As the renovation work commenced, the contractors, without consultation, expanded the scope of the project, incurring unforeseen costs along the way. The shock and dismay were palpable when Sood walked into his kitchen to find it stripped bare, a far cry from the agreed-upon plans. What was intended as a single bathroom remodel transformed into the gutting of all three bathrooms, leaving the family without a functional restroom.

Adding to their distress, the contractor inflicted damage beyond the interior, ripping up the driveway and dismantling the wooden deck in the backyard, leaving the Sood family questioning the integrity of their choice.

In a surreal twist, when Ajay Sood inquired about the extensive demolitions, the contractor invoked building code violations as justification and promised a reasonable cost to rectify the situation. However, the situation took a darker turn when the family found themselves locked out of their own home. The contractor had changed the locks, leaving them with no alternative but to take refuge in their car.

Desperate to see the project through to completion, Sood reluctantly handed over an additional $58,000, only to watch in despair as the contractor disappeared without fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Banga House Improvements, the contracting company in question, helmed by Rajat Banga and Ishan Banga, chose to remain tight-lipped when confronted by CTV News Toronto, further exacerbating the Sood family's anguish.

As the Sood family grapples with the emotional toll of their ordeal, their chief concern remains the well-being of their three-year-old son, who has endured the upheaval alongside them. Their fervent wish is a return to normalcy, encapsulated poignantly by Ajay Sood's plea: "I just want my money back, and I just want my life back."