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Northland Power CEO Mike Crawley to step down later this year

Northland Power Inc. has announced that its current chief executive officer, Mike Crawley, will be stepping down from his role later this year. The power utility outlined that Crawley will continue his duties until September 30th as part of a carefully orchestrated succession plan, which includes a comprehensive global search for his successor.

To ensure a smooth transition, Northland has appointed John Brace, the chair of the board, to serve as the executive chair during this interim period. Brace, who held the position of CEO at Northland from 2003 to 2018, brings a wealth of experience and familiarity with the company's operations. His appointment is aimed at facilitating a seamless handover between Crawley and the incoming CEO.

In addition to Brace's interim role, Ian Pearce, who chairs the governance and nominating committee, has been named as the lead independent director. Pearce's appointment underscores the board's commitment to maintaining strong governance practices during this transitional phase.

Once a suitable candidate is selected to fill the CEO position, Brace is expected to revert to his non-executive chair role, while Pearce will continue to serve as the lead independent director. This structured approach ensures continuity in leadership and governance within Northland Power Inc.

Crawley's departure marks the end of an era for Northland, as he has played a pivotal role in steering the company's growth and strategic direction during his tenure. Under his leadership, Northland has expanded its presence in the power utility sector, both domestically and internationally.

Northland Power Inc. expressed its appreciation for Crawley's contributions and leadership over the years. The company remains optimistic about its future prospects and is committed to executing its strategic objectives under new leadership.

As the search for a new CEO commences, Northland Power Inc. remains focused on delivering value to its stakeholders while navigating the evolving landscape of the energy industry. The company's dedication to sustainability and innovation will continue to guide its operations under the stewardship of its next CEO.

In conclusion, Mike Crawley's impending departure from Northland Power Inc. signals a significant change in leadership for the company. With a robust succession plan in place and the appointment of experienced interim leadership, Northland is well-positioned to usher in a new era of growth and success.



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