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NFI Group wins contract with NJ Transit for up to 1,300 transit buses

NFI Group Inc., a leading Canadian bus manufacturer, has won a significant contract with New Jersey Transit Corp. (NJ Transit) to supply up to 1,300 of its Xcelsior transit buses. The initial firm order includes 175 buses, with an option to purchase up to 1,125 more in the future.

While the financial details of the agreement were not disclosed, NFI Group highlighted the importance of this deal. The new buses are set to replace aging vehicles in NJ Transit's fleet, ensuring that the public transit system continues to provide reliable and efficient service. NJ Transit operates throughout New Jersey and extends its services to major cities like New York City and Philadelphia, impacting thousands of daily commuters.

Chris Stoddart, President of NFI’s North American bus and coach division, emphasized the benefits of the new Xcelsior buses. He noted that these buses are designed to be lighter, quieter, and more efficient than previous models. They also feature enhanced safety and accessibility, which will improve the overall experience for passengers.

This contract marks a significant achievement for NFI Group, reinforcing its position as a key player in the North American public transportation market. By securing this deal, NFI Group not only boosts its order book but also contributes to the modernization of public transit in one of the busiest regions in the United States.

The introduction of these new buses is expected to bring about positive changes for NJ Transit’s operations, offering a smoother, safer, and more comfortable ride for its users. This move aligns with broader efforts to upgrade public transportation infrastructure, promoting sustainable and efficient transit solutions for the future.



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