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Nearly 40% of new Canadians are considering moving due to housing costs

Many new Canadians are thinking about leaving the country because of the high cost of housing. A recent survey found that nearly 40% of newcomers are considering moving away. The main reason is that it's very expensive to buy or rent a home in Canada, especially in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

The survey shows that new Canadians are finding it difficult to save money or even pay for basic needs because of high housing costs. Some are thinking about moving to smaller towns where homes are cheaper, or even going back to their home countries. The high cost of living in Canada is making it hard for them to stay and build a future here.

Housing experts say that the government needs to take action to make housing more affordable. This could include building more homes and offering financial help to those who need it. Without these changes, many new Canadians might decide to leave, which could affect the country's economy and growth.

The rising cost of housing is a big issue that affects everyone, not just newcomers. It's important for the government and communities to work together to find solutions. By making housing more affordable, Canada can continue to be a welcoming place for people from all over the world.



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