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Most Common Paint Color for Home Exterior

We all had this dream of having to own our own house and live in it with our growing family. So choosing the right design is your ultimate goal, especially its exterior look. You're looking for a home color that's both classic and cutting-edge to still look great in a few years. Instead of the traditional dazzling whites, siding, trim, and front doors are sporting bolder, more assertive colors. You can consider brilliant blues and greens, creamy neutrals, cheery pastels, and even monochromatic palettes of charcoal and black.

While it's OK to have a unique style, you don't want to overshadow your neighbors. The sun's heat and light may be reflected by light trimmings. Having a large house on a tiny lot may make a big difference in curb appeal, and lighter-colored houses can amplify this effect. The house and land might be more harmonious if darker colors are used.

Common Exterior Paint Color


It seems like white colonial mansions are everywhere in Connecticut, New England, and New York. 52 percent of home renovation professionals advocate painting the outside of your house white if you're attempting to sell it. Due to the recent trend toward minimalism in design, the white home has been reimagined in various architectural styles. White is a common choice for the trim when it comes to architectural types. White may be used with black or dark-green shutters to preserve a traditional, vintage aspect. Red or blue accents might also work well with this color. Another common choice is to go with all white, including the door and the trim.


Minimalist design ideas have led to a rise in the use of gray. To preserve a clean, minimalist style, you may select a gray just a shade off of white or something more profound and moodier with overtones of green, blue, or orange. Gray is a neutral that the homeowner may customize in various ways.


Yellow has grown in popularity as an exterior paint color since 2020 began. You may be wondering whether yellow is a nice color for your house now that so many people are gravitating towards it. Most homeowners' associations won't allow you to paint your home a shade too close to one of your neighbors. It's worth considering alternate colors if someone's home is already yellow.