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Most Common Christmas Light Installation Mistakes

Updated: May 10, 2023

Christmas is in a few days, and people are hurrying to decor their houses with beautiful colors and light! Are you planning on putting up your Christmas lights on your own? Before making a decision, try considering these common mistakes homeowners make when putting up the Christmas lights on their own.

No Plans And Goals

Consider taking a walk around your property and looking for potential mounting locations for lights, as well as areas where power may be accessible. Consider whether or not you want to use automatic lights and set a date for when you want to take them down once the Christmas season has passed.

Checking Your Equipment

While your Christmas lights may be on, what about your extension cables and power tools? Check to see if there are any issues with the outlets. Clean and in good condition is a must for every power tool. Even if the materials are in poor condition, some homeowners choose to do with what they have, but we recommend not doing this for safety concerns.

Ignoring Safety Precautions

When putting up your Christmas lights, use common sense and follow the directions for any power tools or other equipment you are using. If you wind up in the ER because you tried to cut corners and hurry back inside to drink eggnog with your family, it may have seemed like a fantastic plan.

Misuse of Tools

Always use outdoor-rated extension cables and never connect more than three light strands to a single one. Use an outlet that can withstand the number of watts you want to merge into it before doing anything else. Wrap extension cables in a plastic bag or raise them off the ground to prevent water damage.

Not Properly Storing

It's easy to make a confusing mess in haste to put up Christmas decorations. Many of your Christmas decorations may be twisted and gnarled when you put them away. It's far more fun to put up the decorations than take them down. Simple cardboard cutters and a store-bought light organizer are all you need to construct your own.

Christmas Lights Lifespan

It may last six or seven years to keep an incandescent bulb on year-round, but they may only survive two years if left on year-round after they've become deemed permanently retired, recycle them.

Whatever the case is, it is always advisable to book or call for a professional Christmas lights installer. They have the proper skills and tools when working on your lights. And not only can they put them up safely, but they can also offer design ideas and tips that are perfect for your humble house.


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