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More young Canadians want homes and pets over weddings and kids, survey says

A recent survey reveals a shift in priorities among young Canadians, who are increasingly favoring home ownership and pet care over traditional milestones such as marriage and having children. The study highlights that for many young adults, particularly millennials and Gen Z, owning a home and a pet is more desirable than tying the knot or raising kids.

Financial concerns are a significant factor in this trend. The high costs associated with raising children are a deterrent for many. On average, raising a child in Canada can cost between $10,000 and $15,000 per year, while the annual cost of caring for a pet is substantially lower, ranging from $500 to $4,000. This financial disparity makes pets a more affordable and appealing option for those looking to nurture a family-like bond without the economic strain of parenthood.

Moreover, lifestyle preferences play a crucial role. Many young Canadians are delaying or forgoing marriage and parenthood to maintain their independence and focus on personal goals such as career advancement and home ownership. Pets offer companionship and emotional support without the long-term commitment and responsibilities that come with raising children.

The survey also found that Gen Z pet owners are particularly inclined to prioritize their pets' needs when making significant life decisions, such as buying a home. Features like a fenced backyard are deemed essential by nearly half of young pet owners, whereas amenities typically associated with children, like playrooms, are less important.

This shift reflects broader changes in societal values, where traditional concepts of family and adulthood are evolving. For many young Canadians, a fulfilled life now includes a stable home and the company of pets, redefining what it means to achieve happiness and stability in the modern world.

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