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Minto Apartment REIT CEO bullish on rental housing despite real estate headwinds

Minto Apartment REIT's CEO, Michael Waters, remains optimistic about the future of rental housing even though the real estate market is facing challenges. According to Waters, the demand for rental housing continues to be strong, and Minto is well-positioned to meet this demand. Despite higher interest rates and economic uncertainties, Waters believes that people still need places to live, making rental properties a valuable investment.

The CEO pointed out that many potential homebuyers are now considering renting as a more viable option due to rising home prices and mortgage rates. This shift in preference is driving the demand for rental units, and Minto is seeing positive results. Waters emphasized that their properties are in desirable locations, which makes them attractive to renters. 

Waters also noted that Minto has been focusing on maintaining and improving their existing properties to provide better living conditions for their tenants. This strategy not only helps retain current renters but also attracts new ones. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is a key factor in their success, even in a challenging market.

In conclusion, while the real estate market may be facing headwinds, Minto Apartment REIT remains confident in the strength of the rental housing sector. Waters’ positive outlook is backed by a consistent demand for rental units and the company’s strategic efforts to enhance their properties. This approach positions Minto to continue thriving despite the broader market challenges.

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