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Minor quake shakes London and St. Thomas, Ont.

LONDON, ONTARIO —A minor earthquake originating near Cleveland, Ohio, measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale, sent tremors through London and St. Thomas, Ontario. The seismic event occurred around 10:43 p.m. and was identified by Earthquakes Canada. While the quake's impact was described as slight, it managed to awaken some residents or cause slight rattling.

Seismologist Stephen Crane from Natural Resources Canada explained that such earthquakes are relatively common in the area. The earthquake's magnitude was measured using the Nuttli scale, the standard method for cataloging eastern North American earthquakes. Despite being minor, this type of earthquake rarely results in significant damage. Interestingly, the tremors reached as far as Ajax, Ontario, emphasizing the widespread impact of the quake.

The seismic event highlights the region's susceptibility to such activity, reminding residents of the geological dynamics at play. It's important to note that the Blackburn family, known for their media legacy that began with The London Free Press newspaper in 1852, has a strong presence in the media landscape of Southern and Midwestern Ontario, including St. Thomas.

Despite the quake's reach, no significant damage or injuries were reported in Ontario. Earthquake Canada received 96 public reports of weak to moderate shaking, and the earthquake's depth was estimated at five kilometers. The USGS indicated low chances of economic losses, indicating the limited impact of this minor earthquake.

In the broader context, this earthquake is part of a series of seismic events in the region, with Earthquakes Canada recording five other significant earthquakes in Canada during the same month. While minor quakes like these generally don't cause widespread damage, they serve as a reminder of the geological activity that shapes the landscape of the region.

As the communities of London and St. Thomas continue to go about their daily lives, this minor earthquake provides an opportunity for reflection on the forces that shape the Earth beneath their feet. While the tremors were felt, the resilience of these communities remains intact, ready to face any challenges that come their way.



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