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Low-Cost Updates That Add Value

Home improvement projects that improve aesthetics and functionality may also boost resale value if done correctly. It's important to remember that not all remodeling projects are the same. Not all home improvement projects are created equal, and while some might increase the value of your property, others can decrease it. As a result, what options does a house owner have?

Particular house renovations aren't worth the time and money. Strategic planning is required if increasing your home's worth is a priority. Before putting your home up for sale, consider these seven low-cost renovations.

Put these suggestions to use while you think about a cheap way to improve your home's worth.

Skip the crown molding.

Budgeting might be stretched thin when hiring a renovation expert to help buy molding materials and pay for installation. Wainscoting and a primary chair rail are more cost-effective alternatives. Need that crown molding style desperately? Do it yourself and save some cash!

Pick out some simple tones.

In terms of return on investment, a new coat of paint provides a 100 percent return, and it may increase the value of your property by as much as 5 percent. Colors like white and light gray let prospective buyers see themselves in the room. If you're trying to sell your house quickly, sticking with neutral colors is a good idea.

Set up some Ceramic Tiles.

Traditional ceramic tile may be found at any home improvement store or specialty tile shop. Thanks to its classic style, it can be installed in any number of spaces, including kitchens, baths, and even living rooms by the fire. Adding a few ornamental tiles to a ceramic tile installation is easy to save money while still getting a unique aesthetic.

Replace your current sink faucet with a touchless model.

Changing out the sink's water supply is a straightforward do-it-yourself procedure. Zillow found that the asking price of a house was 0.6% higher when the listing included the presence of a touchless faucet. Buyers nowadays are prepared to pay a premium for amenities that promote a clean, germ-free environment.

Choose inexpensive cabinets with quality.

Instead of spending a fortune on high-end cabinets, go for more reasonably priced middle options. The money you save may then be used to purchase high-quality appliances that perfectly fit your new kitchen. Changing the paint color of a room is one of the easiest and most noticeable ways to improve the aesthetics of a house. Make over any room in your home with a new coat of paint or by installing tiling, hardware, or decorative items in bright colors. Cabinets in this busy kitchen are given a jolt of energy with a coat of mustard-colored paint.