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Local developer Westdell buys White Oaks Mall for undisclosed sum

LONDON —London's retail landscape is undergoing a significant transformation as Westdell Development Corporation, a local developer based in the city, has successfully acquired White Oaks Mall in a deal shrouded in secrecy regarding the purchase price. This strategic move marks a turning point for the iconic shopping center, signaling a vision of growth and adaptation in an ever-evolving market.

White Oaks Mall, a sprawling retail haven in south London, has long been a staple in the community, offering diverse stories and experiences. Despite facing challenges like the rise of online shopping and the closure of anchor stores, the mall has maintained its appeal to consumers, ensuring its position as a preferred shopping destination.

Westdell's acquisition of the mall comes with a promise of renewal and innovation. While the exact financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed, the aspirations of the developer are clear. Plans for the mall's future include a new facade, the introduction of separate stores to create a more diversified shopping experience, and the potential addition of residential towers. This combination of retail and residential spaces aims to align with the trend of integrated urban developments, where work, leisure, and living converge to create dynamic city environments.

Iyman Meddoui, the president of Westdell Development Corp., has expressed a strong commitment to London's growth and urban development. This acquisition aligns with the company's vision and highlights its ambition to contribute positively to the city's evolution. With a portfolio already boasting various commercial plazas like Oxbury Centre, Hyde Park Square, and Wellington Gate Centre, Westdell brings a wealth of experience to the table.

The synergy between Westdell and White Oaks Mall is further emphasized by the imminent arrival of the bus rapid transit system in 2025. The future transit hub will enhance the mall's accessibility, attracting even more footfall and cementing its status as a thriving community hub.

From Cushman Wakefield's London office, Brent Rudell applauds Westdell's forward-thinking approach to White Oaks Mall's future. Rudell dismisses concerns about the decline of physical retail, highlighting the enduring appeal of in-person shopping experiences that cannot be replicated online. This sentiment underpins the developer's strategy to revitalize the mall and make it a vibrant space that captures the essence of modern retail dynamics.

Westdell's acquisition journey was facilitated through JLL, a reputable Toronto-based real estate investment firm, and it was initiated by Iyman Meddoui himself. Although the mall wasn't officially up for sale, a strong rapport with JLL opened the door to this opportune acquisition. As White Oaks Mall's legacy dates back to 1973, this change of ownership ushers in a new chapter for the retail landmark.

While the finer details of Westdell's plans for White Oaks Mall are yet to be unveiled, the future holds promise for a rejuvenated and adaptive shopping destination. As London's retail scene continues to evolve, Westdell's acquisition demonstrates its dedication to shaping the city's urban fabric and creating spaces that thrive in the face of change.



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