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Langley's unsung Willoughby area a bustling development hub

The Willoughby area in Langley has emerged as a bustling hub for new developments. Located just south of the Trans-Canada Highway, this neighborhood has seen a significant increase in condo and townhome constructions, with nearly 6,700 homes currently in the development pipeline. Low-rise condos dominate the landscape, driven by the city’s focus on increasing density along main roads. Over the past year, six new low-rise developments have been introduced, amounting to approximately 965 homes.

Notable developers like Zenterra are leading the charge with several major projects. The Commons by Zenterra, for instance, will bring 199 housing units to Willoughby. Zenterra alone has around 3,000 homes in various stages of planning and development. Their aggressive approach to this neighborhood is supported by infrastructural improvements like the widening of Highway 1 and the upcoming SkyTrain extension, making Willoughby increasingly attractive to homebuyers from the Tri-Cities area.

The area is not just seeing residential growth but also mixed-use projects that blend commercial and green spaces. Essence Development is launching Jericho, a multi-phase master-plan project set to include around 2,000 homes along with commercial units. This aligns with the broader trend of creating self-sufficient communities with ample amenities, green spaces, and connectivity.

The growth in Willoughby reflects a shift in buyer demographics, with many first-time homebuyers and young professionals attracted to the more affordable prices compared to neighboring areas. This surge in development is set to transform Willoughby into one of Langley’s most vibrant and dynamic neighborhoods, balancing residential needs with commercial opportunities.



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