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Kleenex maker says famous tissues to be wiped out of Canada soon, citing 'unique complexities'

The iconic Kleenex brand of facial tissues is set to vanish from the Canadian market, as announced by its manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark. The decision to discontinue Kleenex tissues in Canada is attributed to "unique complexities" within the market, as stated by the company. While other well-known Kimberly-Clark products such as Cottonelle, Huggies, Poise, and Depend will continue to be available, the absence of Kleenex tissues marks a significant shift.

The decision to withdraw Kleenex tissues from the Canadian market is a strategic move by Kimberly-Clark to allocate resources towards enhancing and innovating its other brands. This decision is in line with the company's broader strategy of focusing on brands that offer sustainable long-term competitiveness. Todd Fisher, the Canadian vice-president of Kimberly-Clark, highlighted that challenges within the Kleenex business, possibly related to supply constraints, have influenced this move.

Despite consumer confusion, the departure of Kleenex tissues from Canada was anticipated within the industry. This decision not only creates opportunities for other companies to step in and fill the gap, particularly Canadian entities like KP Tissue Inc., the Irving group, and Cascades Inc., but it also reflects the evolving nature of the consumer goods industry. This industry shift underscores the importance of adaptation and strategic resource allocation to meet changing consumer preferences.

Although the Kleenex brand of facial tissues will cease to exist in Canada, the brand will live on through "professional facial products" and "consumer hand towel products." Kimberly-Clark expressed gratitude to its loyal consumers while acknowledging the challenging nature of this decision. The departure of well-known brands from the Canadian market is not unprecedented, aligning with Kimberly-Clark's strategic history. In 2012, the company exited the European diaper market to focus on more profitable ventures.

In conclusion, the discontinuation of Kleenex tissues in Canada marks a significant decision by Kimberly-Clark to reallocate resources and focus on its other iconic brands. While the move has generated confusion among consumers, it is part of the company's broader strategy to ensure long-term competitiveness. The departure of Kleenex tissues creates opportunities for other companies to step up, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of consumer goods. As Kleenex tissues make their exit, the market awaits the entry of new innovations to meet the needs of Canadian consumers.



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