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Kiss sells catalog, brand name and IP. Gene Simmons assures fans it is a 'collaboration'

Kiss, the legendary hard rock band, has made waves once again, but this time not on stage. In a groundbreaking move, the band has sold its entire catalog, brand name, and intellectual property to Pophouse Entertainment Group, a Swedish company, for a staggering sum of over US$300 million. This deal, announced Thursday, marks a significant chapter in Kiss's storied career.

Interestingly, this isn't the first collaboration between Kiss and Pophouse. The Swedish company, co-founded by ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, previously worked with the band during their farewell tour. At the tour's conclusion in December, Kiss surprised fans by unveiling digital avatars of themselves, a feat achieved through a partnership between Pophouse and Industrial Light & Magic, the special-effects company founded by George Lucas.

Pophouse Entertainment Group has ambitious plans for Kiss's legacy. CEO Per Sundin has hinted at upcoming projects, including a biopic, a documentary, and an immersive Kiss experience. Fans can also anticipate the launch of an avatar show in the latter half of 2027, promising a unique experience distinct from previous endeavors like “ABBA Voyage.”

Sundin emphasizes Pophouse's commitment to introducing Kiss to new generations, distinguishing their approach from conventional music catalog acquisitions. He envisions a collaborative effort between Pophouse, Universal Music Group, and Kiss to explore innovative avenues while preserving the band's essence.

Gene Simmons, speaking on behalf of Kiss, rejects the notion of a simple acquisition, preferring to frame the deal as a collaboration. He stresses the band's ongoing involvement in shaping their legacy, affirming their dedication to the brand they've nurtured. Simmons dispels any speculation about Kiss's return to live touring, unequivocally stating that the iconic makeup won't grace stages again.

For Pophouse Entertainment Group, the acquisition of Kiss follows their previous venture with Cyndi Lauper. Lauper's partnership with the company signifies a broader commitment to reimagining music experiences. Lauper herself praises Pophouse's innovative approach, highlighting their focus on creating new, immersive projects rather than solely capitalizing on established hits.

In essence, the sale of Kiss's catalog represents more than a financial transaction—it signifies a strategic collaboration aimed at redefining the boundaries of music entertainment. With Pophouse at the helm, Kiss's legacy is set to evolve in unexpected and exciting ways, promising fans both old and new an unforgettable journey through rock and roll history.



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