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Kevin O'Leary shares financial advice on Morning Markets

Kevin O'Leary, the chairman of O'Leary Ventures and a well-known Canadian businessman and TV personality, shared his financial insights on the latest episode of Morning Markets. In a conversation with Jon Erlichman, O'Leary discussed a range of topics from the Canadian economy and tax changes to investment strategies and his interest in buying TikTok.

O'Leary expressed concerns about recent tax changes in Canada, highlighting how these policies might drive startups to move their headquarters to more tax-friendly regions in the United States. He compared the current situation to the early 1990s when unfavorable policies led his software company to relocate to the U.S., resulting in significant economic losses for Ontario.

Discussing investment strategies, O'Leary emphasized the importance of diversification. He advised investors to limit their exposure to any single stock to no more than five percent of their portfolio and to not exceed twenty percent in any one sector. This strategy helps mitigate risk and protect against market volatility.

On the topic of investing in startups, O'Leary noted that television shows like Dragon's Den and Shark Tank have positively impacted entrepreneurs by significantly reducing customer acquisition costs. This exposure often leads to higher success rates for the businesses featured on these shows.

O'Leary also shared his preference for perpetual royalty streams over equity. He illustrated this with the example of Wicked Good Cupcakes, where his investment yielded a steady income without the need for ownership equity.

Finally, O'Leary discussed his potential bid to buy TikTok, emphasizing his plan to involve a large number of small investors through equity crowdfunding. He believes this approach could generate significant capital and create a strong base of support.

Throughout the interview, O'Leary remained critical of Canadian policies, urging for more competitive tax structures to retain and attract investment. His candid advice and insights provided valuable perspectives for Canadian investors navigating the current economic landscape.



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