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iTaskApp Summer Home Improvements For 2022

Throughout the summer, projects to beautify your home and do-it-yourself fixes may be done to decorate your home. Installing central air conditioning or redesigning an entire room in your house are two examples of home renovation projects that may be pricey. But, there are less expensive initiatives that may achieve the same result for a far cheaper price. And we at iTaskApp have prepared a list of services you can with us to lighten up your home this summer!

Pressure Wash

The warmer weather is the perfect time to clean your house. One of the simplest and most effective methods to improve the look of your property is via the use of pressure washing. There are several places where you may hire a pressure washer if you don't own one. To avoid harm, just adhere to the sprayer's instructions.

Re-Stain Deck and Fence

You may decrease cracks and splinters on your deck by refinishing it. Preparation is essential to a nice finish, so take the time to thoroughly clean the surface and remove the previous finish. Consider painting your patio furniture while at it to give it a new appearance. Hang some outdoor string lights to transform your garden into a slumber party paradise. Whether you hire a professional deck staining company or do it yourself, a layer of stain will help preserve the wood from the outdoors. Repairing fences and decks that require extra care may be an option to keep in mind.

Replace Your Vinyl Siding

Siding made of vinyl is the most often used in the United States. Vinyl is found in 80 percent of houses in the Mid-Atlantic and 71 percent of homes in New England, respectively. It's possible to get vinyl siding that looks like real cedar shakes for a fraction of the cost of real wood. Trimming and installing vinyl siding correctly is essential to prevent moisture from seeping beneath the vinyl.


Summer home improvement lists are often dominated by landscaping, and it's one of the best ways to increase the value of a house. A property's individuality is reflected in its curb appeal, reflecting the quality of the home and the community in which it is situated. The value of a home may be increased by as much as 28 percent if the landscaping is done correctly. It's one of the cheapest undertakings you can embark on. Installing landscaping is the most frequent method, particularly for new residences.

Install a Ceiling Fan

The use of ceiling fans instead of air conditioners may save a lot of money on energy costs. For days when the temperature fluctuates between comfortable and uncomfortable, a ceiling fan might be a terrific alternative to using your air conditioner. Despite their low cost, Ceiling fans are an effective method to stay cool both inside and outside the home.

Replace Your Windows

Replacing your old, inefficient windows is a smart move while the weather is still warm. Adding new windows to your property may also improve its exterior appeal. Adding new windows to your house isn't always a pleasant or exciting project, but it may pay you in the long run.

Home painting

One of the quickest and most cost-effective methods to raise your home's value and curb appeal is to repaint it. There are a variety of approaches to investing in real estate since there are several variables to consider. You may hire a professional or do it yourself as part of your summer home improvement chores list to paint a house.

Maintaining and upgrading your property on a budget is critical if you're a homeowner. As a result, we have a tendency to be too rigorous about it, but fear not! iTaskApp allows you to identify a solution to reduce the cost of a project.


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