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iTaskApp is using Stripe as a payment platform

Great news! iTaskApp is now using Stripe as a payment platform. The transaction costs, simplicity of setup, cards/payment methods supported, support, and of course, the "coolness" factor all play a role in a customer's decision about a payment gateway. Stripe is, without a doubt, our preferred payment gateway at the moment. Stripe was created out of a need to make accepting payments less of a hassle, and the result is a system that looks great, is easy to learn, and is enjoyable to use.

So Why Did iTaskApp Use Stripe?

Payments made online

Opening an online account and beginning to take payments is quick and easy, requiring neither a bank account nor any other personal information. You may use our adaptable APIs, frameworks, and SDKs to create a safe and unique payment process.


Dissolve the walls that separate online and offline information. To help you bring your online presence into the real world, we provide development tools, pre-certified card readers, and cloud-based hardware management.

Regular payments that must be made again and over again

Flexible charge your clients with flat-rate plans, per-seat, tiered, and usage-based subscriptions, or anything else you may think of, thanks to Stripe's modular API. Stripe streamlines the process of processing recurring payments by providing in-built tools to replace expired cards, retry unsuccessful payments, and give users control over their payment data.

Transactions on a Marketplace or Platform

The APIs and tools provided by Stripe allow you to quickly process payments and distribute funds to merchants anywhere in the world. Stripe simplifies the process of managing payments and remaining compliant for platforms and marketplaces, from vetting vendors' identities to direct payments.


Use our flexible payments API to implement more sophisticated authentication logic, increasing conversion rates while keeping user experience to a minimum. Any time client authentication is required by regulations like SCA, our platform checks for applicable exemptions and then requests the necessary information from users.


Using direct links to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, Stripe's pre-processing layer brings every company closer to the bare metal. The whole Stripe platform is geared at reducing chargebacks and increasing earnings. From machine learning models that can recoup decreases in real time to utilities that update saved card data and determine the ideal moment to attempt unsuccessful recurring payments.

If you're still not convinced that Stripe should be your go-to online payment gateway, consider these additional benefits:

  • Immediately and accurately processes payments.

  • Makes it simple to arrange for ongoing billing

  • Does not sneaky costs onto its clients or companies.

  • Supplies programmers with a detailed manual that's simple to utilise.

  • Compatible with all major banking systems, credit card networks, and wallet brands

  • Offers a graphical user interface (GUI) that's both enlightening and useful to consumers

  • Allows clients to have a streamlined purchasing experience

If you want a technology-first payment gateway with robust security, Stripe could be an excellent choice. If you also have a dedicated team of developers in your company, they can help you get the best out of Stripe's developer tools. Though you get a handful of services from Stripe, you might not use all of them. So consider the benefits that Stripe offers — and then decide.

iTaskApp is a website and mobile application that connects those in need of assistance with those who can provide that assistance. It is also a venue for freelancers and companies to advertise their skills and wares to one another.

To ensure that those who really need help can get it, we want to make it easier for everyone to keep their houses in good condition. No matter how big or minor your issue may be, iTaskApp has a team of specialists ready to help. Providing first-rate support to our clients is our top priority, and we want to keep this service completely free for all micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.




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