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iTaskApp February 2023 Magazine Issue Is Now Live!

We have entered the 2nd month of the year! Wow, time sure flies by so fast. And to get you ready for February, iTaskApp’s 2nd magazine issue for 2023 is now live! We thoroughly chose the perfect topics to help you make this year even better.

If you’re planning or considering buying a car, iTaskApp featured an article about the “True Cost of Owning A Car,” in which we covered the expected cost of owning a car and the factors contributing to it. So before you tell your answer to your car dealer, make sure you are ready for the challenge every car owners experience.

You cannot miss this trendy furniture for 2023 because it will surely give your home that aesthetic you want to achieve. It's difficult for any trend to capture the individuality of the most memorable interiors. Though it's understandable to want to be on the cutting edge of interior decoration fashion, you shouldn't allow fleeting fads to be your only inspiration when making design choices.

iTaskApp’s article about “Income Tax Filing” might help if you file your income tax this month. Because tax regulations are often revised, you must utilize a current form or software while preparing your tax return. Besides that, each province and territory has its own General Income Tax and Benefit Package, which includes forms and schedules particular to the jurisdiction.

Our article “Sustainable Alternative for your Fast Growing Kids” is a reminder for parents to remind children of the value of recycling and other eco-friendly behaviors has never been more timely. You can motivate people to adopt sustainable practices by hosting many entertaining events. That is why you should teach your children these sustainable alternatives.

ITaskApp found the perfect place for every family for the February Property of the Month. We've located this stunning property for you to rent in February, perfect for a relaxing getaway or with family and friends. The Dreams Garden Villa in Parkland County, Alberta, Canada, is iTaskApp's "Property of the Month."

Check out our magazine now and subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss out on any services and promotions! The iTaskApp team wants to greet you with a Happy New Year, and may this year be a great one for everyone.



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