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iTaskApp Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

In addition to preparing for the return to the classroom this September, we are also celebrating the arrival of Fall. You should get your house ready for the coming cold weather. Use the mild weather to your advantage and fix any problems before the season's first frost. We have compiled a list of winter home care tips to ensure that your house remains in tip-top shape throughout the season.

We at iTaskApp are here to help you get your home in good shape because trust us, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with your family and getting things done simultaneously!

Here is the Fall home maintenance checklist with iTaskApp.

1. iTaskApp can review safety features.

Review the security of your house from top to bottom at least once a year. There should be at least one fire extinguisher in every place to put out any fire. Fire drills should be practiced, and everyone should know where to gather outside the home in an emergency.

2. iTaskApp can clean your gutters

Hundreds of gallons of water a day are diverted from your home's exterior and foundation by your roof's drainage system. Water might pool outside and seep into your basement if your gutters are clogged. This makes them much more susceptible to corrosion and rust. If your gutters and downspouts are regularly cleaned and maintained, you can eliminate the obstructions that cause water to back up against your home. Weight from leaves, twigs, and other debris may drag gutters away from home, perhaps causing damage to the siding and trim. Clogged gutters are not only an eyesore but may also cause ice dams in the winter.

3. iTaskApp can inspect your roof and seal up air leaks.

Start by looking at your roof from the ground up, using binoculars if necessary. Examine the metal flashing in the valleys and around the vents and chimneys for any signs of deterioration. Foreshadowing more severe issues, excessive granule collection in your gutters warrants inspection. Chilly air may quickly enter your comfortable house if holes are in the weatherstripping or caulking. If you have a drafty home, sealing it might reduce your heating costs by as much as 20 percent. Weatherstripping is the best investment you can make if you want to save money on heating and cooling.

4. iTaskApp can protect faucets from freezing temperatures.

Take precautions to prevent the pipes and faucets outdoors from freezing and bursting if you live in a cold climate. Styr