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iTaskApp 10 Car Winter Maintenance

Dangers abound on the road in the winter from things like snow and ice. It's not enough to just have winter driving gear; you need an automobile that can also handle the conditions. If you want to learn more about the winter season and how to prepare your vehicle and home for the cold, iTaskApp is the app for you.

The 10 items on this automobile maintenance checklist from iTaskApp are worth remembering. You want your battery to stay and your visibility to be protected, which might lead to an accident. If you haven't already, you should take some of these precautions before the next severe cold snap hits.

1. iTaskApp can monitor your oil levels, so you never have to guess when to fill up again.

Ensure the oil level on your car's dipstick is between the low and high indicators. The oil level in a cold automobile seems low, but too much oil may be just as damaging as too little. You should also make sure your gas tank is well stocked. If your fuel indicator light turns on, don't attempt to make it to the next gas station.

2. iTaskApp can maintain the cleanliness of your lights.

Keeping your car's lights clean is especially crucial when road grime builds up quickly in the winter. Light might diminish by as much as 40 percent on a wet, grated highway in only 20 miles. Likewise, you should clean your license plate. Driving around with a damaged or illegible license plate might result in a fine. Have someone person check the car's outside lights as you go.

3. iTaskApp can analyze your battery life.

Try to get three years out of a vehicle battery or sooner if it's giving you trouble in the winter. The most common reason for car trouble is a weak or dead battery. Indicators of impending battery failure include a noticeably slower engine cranking time.

4. iTaskApp can educate you about the indicators on your dashboard.

Most drivers have yet to learn what the various dashboard warning lights indicate. Now that winter is approaching, it's a beautiful opportunity to learn what each of these lights represents. And if you see one on your dashboard, don't delay seeking medical attention.

5. iTaskApp can check the condition of your tires.

Worn tires are a hazard under all weather conditions, but more so when stopping distances increase due to snow, ice, or rain. The legal requirement for tread depth on tires is 1.6 mm, although experts advise changing tires at 3 mm to provide adequate stopping distances. Consider purchasing snow chains, stockings, or winter tires if you often drive on unpaved or remote roads.