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Is It Possible to Paint Composite Decking? Expert Advice

Composite decking doesn't need to be painted since it will endure forever without any maintenance. Despite a few shaky spots, it's worth preserving rather than tossing. Decking may be repainted if the owner desires a drastic change in hue or aesthetic. Manufacturers may claim that the colors of composite decking are everlasting, but time will inevitably dull them.

Products offering paint and stains designed specifically for composite decking are abundant on the market. Most composite decking materials are also paintable or stainable. However, modern composite decks are less prone to staining than older ones. Whether you're working with composite wood or regular wood, proper application and preparation are always key.

To what extent may composite decking be stained?

If you try to paint or stain your modern composite deck, you will likely void the warranty. Older, more usual composite decks had a plastic cap or shell around the material's core. With proper care, this might be a fantastic way to restore your deck's beauty and extend its life.

The original decking will all be one uniform color. The gray or brown core of today's options will be covered by a thin shell or veneer. Only the former kind may be painted or stained. Contact the composite decking manufacturer to learn about painting guidelines, manufacturer recommendations, and the impact of painting on the warranty.

Before you start painting your composite deck, you should put some serious thought into the process.

Staining or painting the whole deck could be unnecessary. Stains on composite decks are easiest to remove in the same way as mold and mildew are. There's an argument to be made for staining or painting non-warranty composite decking if you want it to last a little longer. Get started with some gentle soap and warm water if you want to clean it. Use a vinegar and water mixture and apply baking soda to the affected region for more severe cases.

The price of composites has decreased recently. Wood costs between $1 and $2 per foot, while trailhead is between $2 and $3 per foot. For just a little more money than wood, you may have a brand-new composite deck with a 25-year warranty. DeBoer claims that entering the composites market is less daunting than ever because of innovations like Deckorators' Trailhead.





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