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Hydro Ottawa strike holds up work on 2 Trillium Line stations

The ongoing Hydro Ottawa strike, stretching over two months, is causing significant delays in the completion of the Trillium rail line's work in Ottawa's southern region. Two key stations, Dow's Lake and South Keys, are hampered by a lack of permanent power connections due to the strike, leading to their reliance on temporary generators for commissioning. City officials have set a goal to make the line operational by the year's end, with a contractor's timeline for the project handover to the city in late 2023. However, the strike's impact on signal testing has contributed to a series of postponements.

The Hydro Ottawa union and the company are currently in non-binding mediation, with wage negotiations remaining the central sticking point. Originally, the union sought a 16% wage increase spread across four years, while the company offered 13%. Subsequently, both parties have narrowed the wage gap, with the union pushing for a 15% increase and the company proposing a 14% increase.

The strike's ripple effects extend beyond the wage negotiations. Temporary generators have been employed to ensure that stations like Dow's Lake and South Keys can be commissioned, but the lack of a permanent power solution hampers the launch of these stations. In addition, the union is advocating for better safety measures and the resolution of non-monetary concerns, aiming to create a safer and more efficient work environment.

While the Trillium Line's construction faces challenges due to the strike, efforts are being made to minimize disruptions and maintain project momentum. City officials are working on strategies to operate a sufficient number of trains to avoid further delays. Despite the ongoing strike's impact on the timeline, city representatives remain committed to the project's completion and its eventual positive impact on Ottawa's transportation infrastructure.

In conclusion, the prolonged Hydro Ottawa strike is causing significant setbacks in the progress of the Trillium rail line's work, particularly affecting the Dow's Lake and South Keys stations. The strike's influence on signal testing and power availability has led to delays and the need for temporary solutions. While wage negotiations are at the forefront, the strike also highlights broader concerns regarding safety and operational efficiency. City officials and contractors are actively working to navigate these challenges and ensure the eventual successful operation of the Trillium Line.



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