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How to Unstuck your Sliding Doors

Even though it may seem only a slight nuisance, stuck sliding doors may quickly turn into major headaches. If you ignore the issue, it's possible that it can spread to other components of your patio door, resulting in more expensive repairs or replacements. The door or its parts may be damaged if you use too much effort to open it, so be patient while you attempt these techniques.

What is the Cause of the Your Stuck Door?

Check the Door Alignment

There may be slack in the mechanism of your door if it is not moving in the same direction from left to right as it should. Misalignment may also cause your door to stay. Any deviation from a straight line might cause your sliding door to stick when it opens and closes on a track.

It may be possible to take up a sliding door and reinstall it if it falls off the track when it is opened or closed. Whether your door opens and shuts smoothly, you can determine if it's in the middle of the way. Slamming your door might cause it to fall off again to avoid this from occurring.

Dirty or Blocked Tracks

Patio sliding doors are an essential part of any outdoor living space. Your sliding door's tracks are pretty likely to have grown clogged and dusty over time. Your sliding doors may get stuck if the ways aren't correctly maintained.

A simple option is to use a cleaning solution and a cloth to remove dirt from the tracks. A decent rule of thumb is to clean your screen doors at least once a month.

Inspect the Rollers

A set of rollers is used to move sliding doors along rails. Over time, the rollers on your door may get dusty, worn out, or even broken, resulting in a stuck condition. Clean out the rollers and lubricate them with WD-40 to cure this problem.

Spring tension in rollers might be slack, which could cause your sliding door to stick or make a grinding noise. Screwing the rolling rollers into place will solve this problem. If this doesn't solve the issue, you may have a broken or damaged roller. The only option is to get them replaced.