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How to Read Your Home's Energy

Updated: May 5, 2023

Our home plays a big role in our mood and mental state. The house we stay should be our safe haven where we feel comfortable and safe. To be able to achieve that, we must create a space that makes us feel relax and that matches our energy.

Here are steps on our to read your home/apartment energy.

Tune in with your inner self when you are at home

The feeling is never wrong. Focus with your inner self when you are at home. Feel every corner of your house and notice the your behavioural pattern when you are at home. To do so, try to answer these guide questions:

  1. Which area of the house I spend most time to?

  2. Which part of the house that makes me feel safe?

  3. How do I move across my house? (living room, to kitchen, to dining back to living room, office)

  4. Which corner of the house I don't feel good staying at or does not make me comfortable

Find a routine and make it a habit.

Find a routine and stick to it, the best routine to practice is your morning routine. How do spend the first 30 minutes by the time you wake up? Do you make your coffee, do your journal, turn on your TV space out in the dining table. Whatever that is, as long as it makes you feel good, then do it. Keep in mind that it is your home and you have all the right to feel as comfortable as you would want to. By doing this, you get to spread your vibrant morning energy out in your space.

Your home should reflect your personality.

The things you see in your house or room should only be the things you like to see. The things that looks like an eyesore to you, is really an eyesore. Don't convince yourself otherwise. May it be an ugly looking trashcan, a worn out curtain, or your mattress cover doesn't match your personal taste. Believe in whatever you feel cause chances are, that is true. In this way, you get to build your personal taste and your personality as well. It is also a good identifier on what do you really like and what you don't like.

Embrace change

Our feelings change, our personality change. Everything in this world is a summary of constant change. So, if you think your couch should not face the window, then it should not face the window, and go experiment it up. Switch it with your working corner or your TV. Whatever you feel like, this process is never fixed and is continually in progress. When you feel an irk with how things are, change it. Change it!

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