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How to Prepare your Home for Pets?

Updated: May 16, 2023

It seems like you've made the decision to bring a pet into your life for the first time. Great! The majority of pet adoption organizations need a home visit before an adoption can be finalized." Getting your house ready for a new pet depends on various factors, including whether you're getting a lively dog or a cat. To make sure you and your home are ready, ask yourself some questions and go through this checklist.

Pet-Proof Your Home

Plants harmful to pets, dangerous foods, and potentially hazardous household products should all be out of reach. Keep all of these items out of your pet's reach, including cleaning supplies, prescriptions, sugar-free gum, and electrical cables. Get garbage cans and pet food containers with tight-fitting lids to keep your pets out. To avoid tangles with blind cords and electrical wires, which may be chewed on by dogs and cats, blind cords should be secured higher up. During the teething period, puppies and kittens are more likely to chew on electrical cables.

Set Up the Pet's Space

Determine and arrange the area where your animal spends the most time. Consider whether or not your new pet will be limited to a particular area of the home or be given full rein to explore the whole property. Also, BEFORE bringing your pet home, make sure his stable, kennel, or basket is ready to go. Consider purchasing a high-quality pet bed and crate training if you want to adopt a cat or dog. Create a space just for them to settle in and feel at home. Before introducing a cat or dog into your house, make sure the place is set up correctly. Dogs may be taught that their crate is safe via appropriate training.

Pets Love Toys

If you're adopting a dog, make sure he has plenty of chew toys to keep him from chomping on anything else. Similarly, cats should have a variety of toys to play with, such as balls of yarn and other similar objects. It's your job to ensure that everything that shouldn't be licked or chewed on is out of the reach of curious children. Puppies and kittens, in particular, use their tongues to investigate, so be sure that everything you purchase is safe for them to eat or lick. Balls and chew toys for puppies, string toys, and scratching posts for cats may be purchased. Begin with a few simple toys to observe what your pet likes.

Prepare for an Adjustment Period

It's common for puppies and kittens to cry when you welcome them into your house. If you're trying to calm them down, don't put them in your bed with you. It's better to have them in an enclosed area with a sofa bed and an adjustable door to keep them from roaming.

Stock up on Pet Supplies

You'll need basic pet supplies, such as food, collars, and treats, to get started. Even if the food is subpar, it's best to stick with what your pet is already consuming. A litter box and waste bags are also required for your cat, as are your dog's leash and waste bags. If you want to house or box train your dog, consider acquiring training pads or pet spray as well as cleaning products, such as spot removers. If your pet goes missing or has any microchipping issues, ensure they have an identification tag.

Have your Home a General Cleaning

Pre-plan where you'll store the supplies for your pet, so there's no room for error. If you're buying a dog, you'll need to think about where you'll take your pet for walks. Make a plan to keep tiny animals out of places like the undersides of beds and drawers.

Secure Door and Window Screens

A pet dog or cat will need you to cover all of your windows and doors so that they are hidden from view. If you have a pet cat or dog, you may want to invest in some cat- and dog-proof screening. Window and door screens should have locks that an inquisitive animal cannot access if purchasing a cat.

Give your Pet a Place to Stay in the Morning

In the beginning, it's ideal to have your pet with you, as it will help them get used to being a part of the family. To the extent that you have the option of bringing your pet to work with you, take advantage of it. If you can afford it, doggie daycare is an additional choice.

We've compiled a checklist and some pointers to help you prepare for bringing home a new puppy or kitten. Getting a new dog or cat home may be an exciting but sometimes stressful experience for both you and your pet. To ensure that your new family member is at ease, you'll need to ensure that they're as comfy as possible. The preparation of your house for a puppy or cat requires some forethought.


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