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How to Maintain Your Christmas Tree

Updated: May 10, 2023

The Christmas tree comes first into our minds when we think about Christmas; It is also the first decoration you and your family want to start decorating before anything else. Your beautiful Christmas tree holds many memories from our family's generations.

And this coming holidays, you're probably looking for some help to maintain its freshness and prevent it from being worn out. Maybe these tips and tricks will help you save the life of your tree for the rest of the holidays.

How Long can a Real Christmas Tree Last?

Most real Christmas trees may endure for at least five weeks or longer if cared for properly. That implies that if you start decorating for Christmas in late November, your tree should be able to last until the end of the season. According to horticultural expert Samantha Jones, you should buy a Christmas tree a week before Christmas is a good idea.

Pick A Healthy One

Those who opt to acquire their tree from a garden store or roadside lot should know it is likely to have traveled from another state. If you want to ensure that your tree is as fresh as possible, consider purchasing it from a local Christmas tree farm.

Trim The Trunk

To facilitate water absorption, ensure that the merchant cuts the trunk cleanly across the base when buying a Christmas tree. If you remove the dried-over resin, the tree will absorb water. If you're not planning to decorate your tree right away, put it in a pail of water when you get home. Keep real Christmas trees in an area out of wind exposure and cold weather, such as a garage or shed. Cut another one-inch chunk off of the trunk bottom to carry it inside. After getting it inside the house, you should place it on a solid stand with at least one gallon of water.

Put it in the water as soon as possible

It is very critical that you maintain your Christmas tree hydrated if you want to ensure its longevity. The store might get stocked with chemicals that absorb water and kill bacteria. Refilling the water container is required regularly.

Don't Add Anything

Commercial chemicals and home concoctions may reduce the tree's water retention and accelerate needle loss. The most significant water to drink is straight from the tap.

Heat Is a Concern (Christmas Lights, Fireplace, Furnace)

The tree will rapidly dry up if exposed to direct sunshine or a high-temperature furnace. Smaller lights on the tree may also slow down the drying process. Do not use a fireplace or woodstove to dispose of the tree.

Leaving the lights on the tree for long periods might cause them to overheat and represent a potential fire hazard. If you're going to be away from the tree for an extended period, turn off the lights.


There's nothing quite like the aroma of a newly cut Christmas tree in the air during the holidays. Enjoy the holidays without worries and celebrate Christmas better than before!


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