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How to Find your First Side Hustle

Updated: May 5, 2023

A side hustle, put simply, is something you do on “the side,” with the idea that it will provide some income to complement your primary income. Especially in this time of age where information is readily available at the tip of your fingers, more and more people, mostly in the younger generations are earning a good amount out of their side hustles. It honestly sounds wrong for anyone to say that they don't know how to find their side hustle or they don't know how to start their own side hustle. To help you, here are tips on how to find your own side hustle;

  1. Find something that speaks to you

Find something that you can do or make confidently or willingly. Let's face it, nobody starts a business with no doubts in their heads. Doubts and what-ifs will always be there. But if you find something that is closer to you, there's slimer space for doubt to creep in. So, look for somethig that you willingly want to learn and be good at. And whether or not it makes money in the first 3 months, you won't be frustrated of not getting the returns you are expecting because in the first place, you are happy to do it.

2. Figure it out

After finding that 'one' thing, it's time to figure it out. Meaning, think of how you are going to make money out of it, if its making jewelries, figure out a way you can find a supplier of your materials that will give you enough ROI (especially if you are just starting out) there are numerious ways you can learn these things from and the internet is big, big help.

3. Create your Brand

Create your brand concept. In creating your brand concept, consider these questions:

a. Who are my target audience?

b. What's my price range ?

c. Who can and cannot afford my products or items ?

d. Who am I making my items for?

e. How does one benefit from my product or item?

and the list goes on...

From these questions, you get to build your brand in your head and the answers you can come up from all these. Build a brand that matches ideal market. A professional help from a graphic designer is highly suggested but if you cannot afford these things yet, you an always ask opinion from an artist friend who can give you a sound advice with regards to these things.

4. Create a System

Once you have figured out the things above, it's time to create a system because keep in mind, you won't be doing this for once, you will be doing this for as long as your business is alive and secondly, this system may only evolve from time to and not always the same all through out. The number one thing for creating a system is managing your time and energy. First, is create a scheduling system for your every acitivity related to business. Emailing, Production of your items, canvasing for supplies and of course planning your marketing. Note this is only an example to give you an idea, you know your business more than anyone does so, you do you.

5. And finally... The Launching Stage

Just like giving birth, this stage can also be very stressful and draining especially to bsuiness owners and the fact that you have no idea how people are going to receive your brand. So, this stage is both a mixture of excitement and anxiety but nonetheless, remember that everything is a process and this stage is not always the end all, be all of things. This can also be temporary be open to suggestions and criticisms (only if they help grow your business)

You see, from building to launching your business it is not easy, it requires a lot of work and more than anything else, patience and passion is what it takes to last. Listen to podcast or read books about how other businesses started and came to be to give you an idea of your journey, so you know what you're going to expect. The internet alone is already a huge leap of innovation and have affected how we go about our day to day lives and that is why we created this aims to help businesses have their own platform where they can open their own store pages, build their own following, manage their items on product list and track their sales. What makes iTask Marketplace unique to the rest of the market is that, it is very beginner-friendly and gives a 'buy now-get tomorrow" options for customers and a company courier so businesses won't have to go out of their way to do it.

So if its your first side hustle, might as well take a chance a register at if you want to know more


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