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How iTaskApp can help you with your Holiday To-Do List

Preparing the house for the holidays requires care, but it may be challenging to keep track of all that needs to be done. We wanted to be helpful, so we compiled a home maintenance checklist for the holidays. That way, you may rest easy knowing you won't forget to do necessary house upkeep.

The winter season has here, and with it comes the festive rush. Don't add to the chaos by doing any major home maintenance projects in December, particularly if they require going outdoors. Put your energy into the things that matter, like preparing for the darker, colder days ahead and de-stressing for the holidays. And iTaskApp is here to help you out this season!

See the information below to see how iTaskApp may simplify your holiday preparations.

To avoid fires, make sure your circuit breakers are clean.

In the winter, more energy is often used due to space heaters and humidifiers. The breaker may trip when many appliances are plugged into a single outlet. If a circuit breaker trips, ensure all devices are unplugged before resetting the breaker. In the interest of cleanliness, you should also wipe down the circuit breakers.

Check the Fire Extinguisher.

Every five years, a fire extinguisher has to be changed. If your extinguisher has any signs of rust, a leak, a blocked nozzle, or a damaged locking pin, you should replace it. You should replace them if you notice that they are not performing as expected.

Perform a Safety Check on the Wall Outlets.

Putting up Christmas decorations is an excellent excuse to check your home's electrical outlets. GFCI outlets may be reviewed by pressing the test button until it pops out. There should be an electrician you may contact if you uncover any non-functioning outlets.

Make sure the filters in the furnace are changed.

Every three months or so, depending on how frequently your furnace runs, you should replace the standard one- to two-inch thick filter it employs. If you did so in early autumn, there's no need to wait until winter to switch on the heater. You may access the filter by opening the door on the side of the furnace where it is located or by loosening screws if the filter is hidden by an air vent. Get a new filter, and note the size if you need to replace it. (Or invest in a second one to have on hand for the next occasion) The direction of airflow through a filter is indicated by arrows on the filter itself. When disposing of the used filter, fold it in half to make it more manageable.

Inspections and clearing of ice dams.

Water backing up behind ice dams in your gutters may penetrate beneath your shingles and severely damage your roof. Preventing ice dams from forming is preferable to removing ice that has already formed since it is time-consuming and costly.

Winter is also a great time to landscape.

Maintaining the yard's appearance and making it more resilient to the winter weather are the primary goals of winter landscaping. Despite the chill, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of decorating and sprucing up your lawn and curb, which is why you should do it.

Preparing the house for the holidays.

The easiest method to guarantee that your home passes as a work of art over the holidays is to hire a professional to decorate and adorn it. The Northeast and the mountains might be hit by snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures around the end of November. Meanwhile, while iTaskApp experts are at work, you may take it easy inside.

Do some Christmas prep work with your private chef.

Having a private chef prepare meals for you and your family is an exceptional luxury. Personal chefs may either come and leave as required or remain in one place all day and night. If you love to travel and want to try something different, you may hire a private chef to come to your vacation home for a night.

You must maintain your vacation home in pristine shape. It's a valuable asset, and satisfied visitors are more inclined to recommend your establishment online. That's why the home must be spotless, recently renovated, fully functional, and exactly as described.

One helpful thing to do over the holidays is to ensure everything is in working order. Download iTaskApp today or sign up for free at to reduce your workload and stress. You may hire us for the services above. Remember to subscribe to our social media channels to get constant updates!




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