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How iTaskApp Can Help You Before The Autumn Season

Your furnace has to be checked and tuned up every year in the autumn before the cold weather sets in. Cleaning and calibrating the pilot assembly or flame sensor are part of West Allis Heating's comprehensive 15-point check of the heat exchanger. If you plan to use iTaskApp at the beginning of the autumn, you'll have more time to address any difficulties. This maintenance can help your furnace survive longer, perform better, and be ready for the colder months ahead.

Check out our list of services iTaskApp can do for you:

1. iTaskApp can inspect your roof

Sometimes the best you can do is to go down to the ground level and do a quick visual inspection. Look for corrosion, cracked or broken tiles, and raised or cracked flashings. Make sure there are no surrounding trees or branches that might cause harm to the roof.

2. iTaskApp can examine/fix gutters and downpipes

A properly functioning roof drainage system is essential for keeping water away from the outside of your home. If you suspect that dirt and debris have accumulated in your gutters, you may need to use a ladder to inspect them. Rust and corrosion are also accelerated in gutters that are often clogged.

3. iTaskApp can fix your driveway, paths, and pavers

Water seeping into a gap may cause it to enlarge when the water freezes and expands. With enough time and cracking, the concrete will finally disintegrate. The best course of action is to use concrete crack sealant to fix the hole and be done with it. Driveways, walkways, and pavers should all be regularly pressure-cleaned, much like decks. With consistent cleaning, grime, oil, grease, and even moss may be easily removed.

4. iTaskApp can touch up your external walls

Consider cleaning the outside of your home with your high-pressure washer. Take extra precautions around openings such as doors, windows, vents, and pipes to ensure that water does not seep inside.