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Home sales in May down from year ago: Canadian Real Estate Association

Home sales in Canada saw a noticeable decline in May compared to the same month last year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). The total number of homes sold decreased by 1.4% from May 2023. This drop comes despite a 5.1% increase in home sales from April 2024, highlighting a fluctuating market trend. 

One factor contributing to this decline is the ongoing affordability issues facing many prospective buyers. High interest rates and increased home prices have made it challenging for many Canadians to enter the housing market. Despite these challenges, CREA notes that the market has seen a slight improvement in activity, driven by new listings and a slow stabilization of prices.

In response to the current market conditions, real estate experts suggest that potential buyers and sellers stay informed and adaptable. Some regions, particularly in Ontario and British Columbia, continue to experience higher demand and price pressures. Meanwhile, other areas are seeing more balanced market conditions, offering opportunities for buyers.

Overall, the Canadian housing market remains in a state of flux, with various factors influencing both supply and demand. The CREA continues to monitor these trends closely, providing valuable insights and data to help stakeholders navigate the evolving landscape.



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