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Here’s Why Your Home is Not Producing Enough Heat

As the winter progresses, you'll spend more and more time indoors, where the warmth of your central heating system is welcome. Having installed a heater, you hope it will do its job and keep your family warm. However, you may notice that the home isn't warming up as expected when winter arrives. You've got the thermostat set at a pleasant medium, but everyone's wearing extra layers of clothing, and some folks are even breaking out their parkas.

At first glance, increasing the temperature would solve the problem. How much louder do you intend to make it, though? How much higher than typical did you go? That can't be the case. Another problem with your heating and air conditioning system is making you feel colder.

When a home's heating system isn't doing its job, it might be due to several issues. Five of the most frequent examples will be discussed more below. It is often necessary to call in the pros for the repair of HVAC systems.

1. Faulty thermostat

Most people make the mistake of turning up the thermostat to compensate for the lack of comfort caused by a broken one. Please don't keep turning up the thermostat to compensate for its discomfort. This wastes energy and puts extra stress on the system. It won't solve the problem at its core; instead, it will worsen it. And the thermostat may be the real problem. If the thermostat isn't set up right, it will read the wrong temperatures in the house and turn off too soon, leaving the house too cold. A good HVAC specialist can fix this problem.

2. Clogged air filter

Another common problem that you can fix on your own, thankfully. If you left the filter for your furnace or heat pump in place from earlier in the year, it's probably full of dust and lint, making it harder to heat enough air and send it to the rest of the house. Your air filter keeps dust, hair, and other small things from getting into your unit and causing damage. When these things build up, they could clog the filter and stop air from going through it. If this happens, your furnace won't be able to send heat everywhere in your home evenly. Experts say you should change your filter every one to three months.

3. Short-cycling

Does the heater start and stop more often than usual? This is called short-cycling. When a heating system turns on and off faster than it can heat a room. There are many reasons for this: the heater won't stay on long enough to properly warm the house. It will also put a lot of stress on the heating system, which will wear it out and raise your bills. If the heater turns on and off several times in an hour, you should call someone immediately. Short cycling is terrible for a heater and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

4. Leaky ventilation system

Once you've made sure that your heater is working well, it's time to check the air ducts. The problem may be with the ventilation system's ducts. If air leaks let warm air out, the air pressure will drop, and the air will also heat up. This is a common reason homes don't heat evenly, and leaks in ventilation systems can let up to 30% of the heated air escape. So you're not only getting uneven heating but also paying more to heat air that's not going into the house.

5. An over-the-hill heater

If the heater can't heat as well as it used to, it may be because it's too old to work well anymore. When a furnace or heat pump is more than 15 years old, it often loses its ability to heat or cool. Heaters over 15 years old may start to break down and put out less heat. Uneven heating is a sign that this is happening early on. Experts in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) should look at the heater and tell you why it isn't blowing hot air. A licensed technician can tell you if the heater can be fixed or if it would be more cost-effective to buy a new one.

Coming home to a cold house in the winter is not pleasant, especially if you've paid to have it heated. You should look into why the heat is on, yet certain rooms stay cold if you're uncomfortable in your own home and thinking, "why is my house so cold?"


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