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Here's what's open and closed this Civic Holiday in London

As Londoners enjoyed their Civic Holiday on Monday, August 7, the city saw a mix of both closures and openings during this long weekend. From recreational activities to shopping destinations, here's a comprehensive guide to what residents and visitors can explore.

For those seeking recreational fun, various options were open throughout the city. Pools, community centers, and the enchanting Storybook Gardens in Springbank Park offered delightful activities for families and individuals. Art enthusiasts could indulge in bottle rocket experiments and art-making at the London Children's Museum. Adventurers looking for an active day could head to East Park and Boler Mountain [1].

Golf enthusiasts had the opportunity to tee off at city-run golf courses, which remained open during the holiday. However, book lovers must note that the Central Branch of the London Public Library was closed on the Civic Holiday [1].

For beachgoers, swimming advisories were in place at some locations, emphasizing the importance of water safety for those venturing into the waters during the holiday weekend. In terms of shopping, malls like White Oaks Mall and CF Masonville Mall operated with reduced hours. Meanwhile, Covent Garden Market was closed for the duration of the holiday [1].

Residents planning to purchase liquor, beer, or groceries were advised to check for reduced hours at some stores, as several locations might have altered schedules during the Civic Holiday. Government services, banks, and Canada Post offices were also closed on this public holiday [1] [2].

Transit services operated on a holiday schedule, ensuring that commuters could still travel around the city. However, it is important to note that the City of London garbage collection was rescheduled for Tuesday [1].

While some venues experienced closures, Londoners were not short of entertainment and leisure activities options. Many restaurants, bars, and craft breweries remained open, each with varying hours to accommodate holiday crowds. Grocery stores and most LCBO locations were also open, providing convenience for those needing to stock up on essentials [2].

Movie theaters, golf courses, Boler Mountain, and the London Children's Museum were among the entertainment venues open throughout the long weekend, offering Londoners numerous opportunities to make the most of their holiday time [2].

The Civic Holiday not only offered a well-deserved break for Londoners but also provided a chance to explore the city's vibrant offerings, from recreational pursuits to shopping and dining experiences. As residents enjoyed their time off, the city buzzed with activities that catered to diverse interests, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for all.



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