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Heftier mortgage payments will keep throttling consumer spending long after rates fall

Hefty mortgage payments are putting a strain on Canadian households, and this impact will persist even if interest rates drop. Many homeowners have seen their monthly mortgage costs soar, eating into their budgets for everyday expenses. As a result, consumer spending, which is a key driver of the economy, is taking a hit. With less money to spend on non-essential items, Canadians are tightening their belts.

This trend is not just a short-term issue. Even if interest rates were to fall, the effects of high mortgage payments will linger. Many homeowners have locked in higher rates for the long term or are facing increased payments due to variable-rate mortgages. The financial pressure from these payments means less disposable income for things like dining out, travel, and other leisure activities, which are crucial for economic growth.

The housing market has been particularly hard-hit. As mortgage payments rise, fewer people are willing or able to buy homes, leading to a slowdown in the market. This has a ripple effect on related industries, such as construction and home improvement. When people spend less on homes and related services, it affects jobs and the economy as a whole. The Canadian real estate sector, which has been a major economic driver, is facing significant challenges.

In the long run, the burden of hefty mortgage payments could lead to broader economic issues. Reduced consumer spending can slow down economic growth, leading to fewer jobs and lower wages. Policymakers and financial institutions need to address this issue by finding ways to ease the financial burden on homeowners. This could include measures to make mortgages more affordable or providing support to those struggling with high payments. Without action, the Canadian economy could face a prolonged period of slow growth and financial instability.



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