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Getting Started with iTaskApp: What happens After I Book?

Updated: May 16, 2023

Congratulations! You have finally booked your first task with us. Easy, wasn't it? Now the next step is to wait for a response. What happens after you book?

Step 1: Choosing an iTasker

After you book your task, iTaskApp will show you a list of all registered iTasker interested in doing your task.

You will receive a notification of an iTasker's application to your task. In this part, you have the freedom to accept or reject his task application.

If, for example, the iTasker also applied to another client's task and got accepted immediately, you will no longer be able to take his application, and you will be directed to other applicants.

Step 2: Get your task done

iTaskers will notify you when they arrive on-site, accomplish the work, collect supplies, and even tell you how long the task took to be performed when you confirm your iTasker.

Step 3: Observation

After the task is done, you will be given an invoice sent by the iTasker via email, and through the app, you will be able to provide a review and confirmation.

You have the option to reject the invoice, which will be returned to the iTasker for correction or if the issue is connected to the task completion information. The iTasker will send the invoice back to the customer when it has been corrected to review and confirm.

You will be given 24hrs after the task is completed to see if there is anything wrong with the result. You can report it using the problem button, which you can find at the closed task. We will be happy to assist you in resolving the issue.


So, let's say you want to create a task for your employees. What you're going to do is to log in to your iTaskApp account, or open the app on your phone. iTaskApp has everything for you. We connect with our clients through our website and app. Are you curious about what our platform can offer you? Sign up now


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