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Get Ready for Income Tax Season: Necessary Documents Checklist

Taxes on global income are levied on citizens of Canada who live abroad. International tax treaties, foreign tax credits, and deductions for taxes paid on income from non-Canadian sources relieve double taxation.

Non-resident people are liable to Canadian income tax on income derived from work in Canada, income derived from carrying on a business in Canada, and capital gains derived from the disposal of taxable property in Canada, regardless of whether they are residents of Canada.

Individuals resident in Canada for only part of a year are taxable in Canada on worldwide income only for their resident period.

Personal tax credits, miscellaneous tax credits, and the dividend tax credit are reduced from the total amount of federal tax due by calculating the amount of federal tax owed.

Filing for a personal income tax return

According to, how can preparing and filing your tax return be done in various ways?

Step 1:

Get a printed copy of the General Income Tax and Benefit Package from the Canada Revenue Agency through one of the following methods:

  • Visit the CRA's website to get the necessary forms.

  • Visit the local post office or Service Canada to pick up a tax package.

  • Call CRA at 1-800-959-8281 to have the item shipped to you.

Send your paper copy tax return to your area's CRA Tax Service Office.

Step 2:

Online tax filing is possible with the use of pre-purchased software. You will be prompted to provide information before the computer software calculates your taxes. If you're eligible for any deductions or credits, these programs are set up in a simple question-and-answer style designed to look for them.

Step 3:

The CRA's Netfile website allows you to submit your tax return free.

Because tax regulations are often revised, you must utilize a current form or software while preparing your tax return. Besides that, each province and territory has its own General Income Tax and Benefit Package, which includes forms and schedules particular to the jurisdiction.

If you want to submit your taxes, what information do you need?

All your tax receipts must be copied before you can file a tax return, including any T4 forms for job income and interest income and T3 forms for trust or mutual fund revenue. Typically, you'll get them from your place of employment or investment firm. Remember to keep track of all receipts for contributions you made, such as RRSP contributions and medical costs.

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