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Fun Activities for Kids During Winter

Updated: May 5, 2023

As winter approaches, kids are getting more excited to spend their time in the snow. Although it is full of adventure and enjoyment, the chilly weather may be hazardous to youngsters. As the temperatures drop, let's make sure to keep the youngsters safe throughout the season.

We have the perfect activities for you and your kids, from building "frosty" the snowman to brewing their favorite hot cocoa. So gather up the gang, and try out this ten fun and exciting indoor and outdoor activities.

5 Outdoor Winter Activities

Nothing beats the old fashion outdoor winter activities, so we've listed down five exciting activities. How many can you come up with?

1. Make a Snow Castle

You can build a magnificent snow castle with your sandcastle supplies. Hold a friendly competition to see who can create the most beautiful palace in the shortest amount of time or make it a family project to build a larger-than-life castle.

2. Creating Snow Monsters

They're more fun than your average snowman and even easier to construct: buy a handful of light sticks at a dollar store, then put on your outdoor gear and form enormous mounds of snow shortly before nightfall. Make two holes for the monster's eyes and insert a lit-up lightstick into each. Depending on the kind, you may need to use more than one for each eye. Cover the hole lightly with snow so that you can see the bright eyes.

3. Turning Snow into a Canvas

Shake squirt bottles with water and two or three drops of liquid gel food coloring (the concentrated dye produces brighter colors). Adjust the nozzle flow to spray lines tighter or a mist broader. Your children may paint anything they like, play tic-tac-toe or hopscotch, construct a snow fort, or color snowballs for an epic fight.

4. Snow Treasure Hunting

There's nothing more fun than treasure hunting, let alone snow treasure hunting! You can do themed treasures like Frozen character dolls, dollhouses, dinosaurs, cars, etc., and hide them around your snow-covered yard. You can give the kids a list of what to find and let them flurry away to their destinations.

5. Ice Bowling

Did you ever think you could bowl on ice? Convert your driveway into a lane. Freeze ten water bottles, leaving enough space at the top for the water to expand and a water-filled balloon. Set up your alley once the pins and balls are ready.

5 Indoor Winter Activities

These indoor winter activities are ideal for celebrating the cold and snowy weather without leaving the coziness of your own home.

1. Bake Snowman Snacks

Gather the kids because we're about to make some baked snowman! Get all the ingredients in the kitchen ready and preheat the oven to prepare some snowman cookies or cupcakes. You may prepare snowman ice cream sundaes and graham cracker desserts, or any other party food ideas if you don't want to bake.

2. Homemade Handprint Twister

The most satisfying thing is that kids will make their version and play with it. Things games will surely make the kids enjoy their time with their family or friends.

3. Winter Hot Cocoa Picnic

It's time to make some hot cocoa! Set a white blanket on the floor and sprinkle it with cotton balls, then place it near your fireplace or in the center of false fire. You can also make a pot of hot chocolate and serve it with cookies or marshmallows to the youngsters for a warm winter picnic.

4. Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is the best during winter. Building this will make the kids happy. Set up a good tent and decorate it with their favorite pillows and blankets. Feels like something is missing? Maybe you can put some indoor Christmas lights for sparkles.

5. Winter Piñatas

Who says piñatas are just for birthdays? To youngsters, a snow day feels like a vacation; enjoy this thrilling game! You may make your own with items you most likely already have around the house, like a paper bag. Fill it with goodies. Clear a location inside where it can be safely hung and let the youngsters smash at it until it spills its contents.

These tips will surely make your kids never forget this winter. Nothing beats the feeling of bringing joy to your family, so let's not limit our kids in enjoying their time this winter. Instead, let's make it memorable and enchanting!


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