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French Inspired Windows

Windows are fascinating yet straightforward architectural components that link indoor and outdoor splendor, bring in natural light and allow optimum ventilation in a home or building. French windows, which have been around for centuries, are gaining popularity. It is easy to walk through them in certain situations, making them a common misnomer.

It's simple to see why there's so much misunderstanding about the French window style. Although some may be opened like a door, they are classified as windows. This attractive window style has a long history and the great potential to provide your house with clear views. In case when you want to bring natural light into your home, a French window might be a good choice.

Why don't we talk about some reasons why French windows are brilliant characteristics for your wonderful home?

A Go-to for a Beautiful Architecture and Aesthetic Look

Since the 17th century, buildings built during France's Baroque era have included French windows and doors. Instilling a sense of history and cultural integrity into contemporary living spaces is one of their many benefits. Not to mention the convenience it provides: an abundance of natural light, good air circulation, and a smooth transition between the inside and the outdoors are just a few of the advantages.

It is known for its Strength and Durability.

Since French doors and windows have a high glass-to-frame ratio, you could be led to think that they are not the strongest or most durable options available. Modern glass solutions, such as toughened or laminated safety glass, ensure that this is not the case. This kind of glass is five to six times more durable than conventional glass and can resist even the heaviest falls.

It can be a Safe Exit Because of its Size.

French windows can resist abuse and sometimes have many locking points to keep intruders out. Crossbars are absent from French windows and doors, making them ideal as a means of escape in the event of a calamity. In addition, they can be used to facilitate the transportation of large items, such as boxes or gifts.

More Ventilation

French windows are excellent ventilators because of their protruding, broad sashes that can be opened in any direction. If you live in the middle of the woods, this is a great feature to have at your disposal. French windows guarantee that you receive lots of fresh air, essential for a better quality of life.