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Five examples of Canada’s dysfunctional housing market and the Home of the Week

Canada’s housing market has many problems that make it hard for people to find affordable homes. First, there are more buyers than houses for sale, especially in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. This makes prices go up quickly, making it difficult for many people to afford a home.

Second, the cost of building new homes has increased. This is because the price of materials, like wood and steel, has gone up. Builders have to spend more money to create new homes, which means they sell them for higher prices.

Third, many homes are being bought by investors who don’t live in them. These investors rent the homes out or keep them empty, hoping the prices will go up. This reduces the number of homes available for people who want to live in them.

Amid these challenges, there are still remarkable homes to be found. For example, the "Home of the Week" is a beautiful house located in a quiet neighborhood. It has modern features, a spacious garden, and a stunning view. Despite the tough market, this home stands out as a gem for potential buyers.



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