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Fire safety a new concern for controversial industrial park in Val-des-Monts, records show

Fire safety has become a pressing concern in the controversial industrial park development in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, as revealed by records obtained through a freedom of information request. The construction of this industrial park proceeded without consulting the fire department, prompting worries about the safety of the facility.

The Val-des-Monts fire department expressed serious concerns about fire safety during the project's early stages. Key issues highlighted include the lack of consultation with the fire department, access road problems, and the distance of hydrants from the industrial park. These revelations have added to existing concerns raised by local residents, who had previously expressed worries about increased traffic, noise pollution, environmental concerns, and general safety issues associated with the industrial park.

The municipality of Val-des-Monts has acknowledged the lack of collaboration with the fire department and is taking steps to address fire safety requirements. One potential solution being explored is the creation of a second entrance to the industrial park via Route 307, which could improve access for emergency services in case of a fire or other incidents.

However, not everyone is satisfied with these measures. A resident of Val-des-Monts has called for a halt to the project until proper due diligence is conducted regarding fire safety. This resident's concerns echo those of many in the community who fear the potential risks associated with the industrial park.

The situation highlights the importance of ensuring fire safety in industrial developments, especially those situated near residential areas. Fire safety should be a top priority, and collaboration with local fire departments and adherence to safety regulations are crucial steps in ensuring the protection of both the industrial facility and the surrounding community.

As the industrial park development in Val-des-Monts continues to draw attention, it is expected that discussions about fire safety will remain at the forefront. The municipality's efforts to address these concerns are seen as a step in the right direction, but local residents and safety advocates are determined to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect the community from potential fire hazards associated with the controversial industrial park.

In conclusion, fire safety is now a significant concern in the Val-des-Monts industrial park development, with records revealing a lack of collaboration with the fire department during the project's early stages. As discussions about safety measures continue, the need for proper due diligence and adherence to safety regulations is evident. The safety of the community and the industrial park's workers must be the top priority as development in the area progresses.



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