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Few details but lots of excitement for new Ottawa pro women's hockey team

Ottawa's new professional women's hockey team is generating excitement even though specific details remain scarce. The team is part of the six-team Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL), which is set to launch its inaugural season in January. The PWHL, backed by Mark Walter, co-owner of the L.A. Dodgers, and tennis legend Billie Jean King, aims to provide professional salaries for players, with projected ranges from $35,000 to $80,0001. The league's expansion into Ottawa, along with Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, and Minnesota teams, reflects the growing interest in women's hockey and a commitment to its advancement.

Despite limited information, local star Jamie Lee Rattray, an Olympic and world championship gold medalist, has announced her intention to enter the draft for the Ottawa team3. While the team lacks a mascot, arena, and name, the anticipation among fans is palpable3. Rattray's presence adds a strong foundation to the team, and her participation underscores the optimism surrounding the league's growth and increased professionalism.

The PWHL's approach aligns with the players' long-standing fight for recognition and equitable treatment in women's hockey. The league's financial backing and commitment to professional salaries mark a significant turning point, making the future of women's hockey brighter and more sustainable1. With plans for a 24-game season for each team, the league's growth strategy involves expanding to a 32-game season in future years.

While key details such as team names, arenas, and general managers are yet to be unveiled, the enthusiasm surrounding the Ottawa team is fueled by the city's strong hockey culture and the growing interest in women's hockey. The league's selection of Ottawa highlights the city's reputation for embracing hockey, particularly women's hockey, and its potential as a significant hub for the sport's growth.

In the coming weeks, rosters will be formed through a free agency period, and a draft scheduled for September 18 will select most founding players. The league's emphasis on player development, financial stability, and professionalism bodes well for the future of women's hockey in Ottawa and beyond. With the support of notable figures like Mark Walter and Billie Jean King, the PWHL's Ottawa team is poised to make its mark in the world of professional women's hockey.

In conclusion, the anticipation for Ottawa's new professional women's hockey team is high, driven by local star Jamie Lee Rattray's involvement and the league's commitment to professional salaries and growth. Despite limited details, the excitement among fans is a testament to the increasing prominence of women's hockey and the determination to create a more equitable and vibrant future for the sport.



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