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Emily in Paris-Inspired Apartment Style

Updated: May 10, 2023

The Netflix original series "Emily in Paris" is returning for a second season. The show follows Emily Cooper as she discovers the highs and lows of life in the City of Light. Emily Cooper is a writer and journalist. One of the most excellent features of the program is the stunning Parisian architecture and interior design. If you want to give your house an Emily-inspired facelift, here are some très stylish decorating recommendations.

According to interior designers, there are three methods to attain this refined look. It's simple to go to Paris through the internet, and the city's architecture and interior design are stunning.

Make an eye-catching bed headboard with your own hands.

This series contains a lot of visual candy. The sunburst headboard is a real show stopper. Despite its modest appearance, the fan-shaped piece is an eye-catching piece of jewelry. It's a simple DIY project that anybody can do themselves.

You may build a fan-shaped headboard by ripping up an old sheet or cloth and attaching it to the wall behind your bed as a do-it-yourself project. According to Apartment Therapy, the headboard is a fan-shaped arrangement of long fabric strips stapled to the wall behind the bed.

Use a gentle, neutral color scheme to create a romantic atmosphere.

According to Apartment Therapy, Neutral hues will maintain your decor classy, elegant, and French. Emily's flat and Camille's château are decorated in romantic colors of cream, pink, and white.

You may paint the walls in a neutral hue to create a sophisticated backdrop, like white or cream. According to One Kind Design, adding a dash of color to your home is a great way to keep things interesting. Look for neutral bedding and accessories to mix with bolder furniture and artwork to bring this elegant color scheme into your house.

A touch of different textures

Rattan headboard on a hardwood bed frame creates a classic aesthetic with a touch to the current style. An air of luxury may be achieved with the headboard's smooth curves and white surface that is versatile and brightens up the space. To inject a sense of fun into the room, choose bright, patterned soft furnishings.

Add brass elements to your decor.

Aluminum has a dazzling silver sheen, while brass has a warm, golden glow. If you like a darker metal, copper can be a good option. It's essential to maintain and upkeep your metal using the suitable metal polish to keep it looking its best for a long time.

Mix and match old and new items to create a fresh look.

According to Leonce Chenal, the key to bohemian French style is to blend vintage and modern goods. Visit your local flea market or thrift shop to locate one-of-a-kind items like those featured on the episode. A new coat of paint or experimentation with various materials may help transform old things.

Stylish lighting can transform the atmosphere of any room.

Many of Emily's favorite places to hang out have opaline glass desk lights as their centerpieces. Inspired by the gentle lighting seen in Parisian bistros, these lights provide a laid-back ambiance. From Emily's first day, these edgy lighting fixtures could be spotted around the workplace. Why would anybody expect anything less from a city known as the City of Light?

In "Emily in Paris," several rooms are lit with lights influenced by Art Deco. Simple designs and beautiful materials like brass and black are the finest choices. Decorate your house with a Parisian flair by hanging an opaque globe light fixture from the living room ceiling or a statement table lamp on your desk.


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